Our Club

Our Vision

Vision Statement

To be the leading hospitality venue on the Gold Coast where members and guests are the focus of our existence.

Mission Statement

To empower and develop our staff to become exceptional customer service experts to ensure that all our members and guests have a memorable experience with each and every visit while maintaining a successful and profitable club for all our members.

This Club is to offer a major contribution to society by its general existence and assistance to the Gold Coast community. We will build our business on best practice techniques that the hospitality industry has to offer, going beyond normal procedure in everything we do.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Mission Statement

The Bears is committed to a policy of Responsible Service of Alcohol to all its members and will ensure that these principles are understood and followed at all times by all staff who serve alcohol in the course of their duties to minimise potential harm caused by alcohol abuse and misuse.

Responsible Service of Gaming Mission Statement

The Bears is committed to ethical and responsible behaviour that recognises the importance of our member’s wellbeing with a focus on minimising the potential harm of gambling.

Our Partners